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Cross-culture &    English Studies     (타문화와 영어 익히기)

Why do I love America?      (나는 왜 미국을 사랑하는가?)

Mistakes but Cute
( 귀여운 실수 )

Cultural Adventures with  Americans
(다른 문화 배우기)

Renting an Apartment (한글편으로)

Journey into English
( 영어 익히기)

Wrestling with Diverse Jobs
(직장 도전기)
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An affair with English
(나는 영어와 연애를 한다) Surprise photo!

Shared Experiences          (경험담 나누기)

Press Reporting about Dr. Lint on CBS News

Ideas in E-learning    Development             (E-learning 개발 아이디어)

My Vision for English Writing via E-learning                      (E-learning을 통한 영작문 교육에 대한 나의 비젼)

The Growth Potential of E-learning in Korea            (성장 잠재력이  가득한 E-learning)

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for National Security Studies, Inc Scholarship Programs             (린트센타 장학금 프로그램)

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For the Korean wife, from a Korean wife, a story about the wedding process in Korean language

Information about the wedding process with US Embassy

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휘익~, 바람과 함께 50대 초반.

두 아이가 이제 대학생과 직장인, 40 에 미국 유학 & 석사 따기,

직장 구하기, 미국에서 은행원, 은퇴 준비의 일환으로 박사학위 취득,

영어에 목숨걸다가 40대 후반에 미국으로 이주해서

그 영어에 매일 뒤통수 맞으며 살아온 운명.

그것이 이 이야기 바구니의 실체.


Further English explanation is below, if you see boxes/giberish, it is because your computer does not have Korean font.

Time is flying - Finally early fifties!

This is the story of bi-lingual living and the fate of wrestling with English language while living in America. The move to America from Korea has changed English from a hobby to a life skill.

Ever looking for challenges, after being a mother of two college kids, getting a second Master's degree at age 40, holding jobs in Korea and being a banker in Washington DC. I recently achieved my Ph.D. in Education Leadership,  with a focus on E-Learning.

These are the facts of life for the creator of the StoryBasket.



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